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Petrochemicals & Refineries

Maximum production, minimum risk

The petrochemical industry is one of the most dangerous industries. That’s why our temporary power plant for petrochemicals and refining companies are specially designed to minimize the hazards. It provides safe shutdown and removal of all possible ignition sources in case of emergencies. Safety is our guarantee.

Altaaqa Global’s temporary power station is a perfect solution for petrochemical and refinery companies during plant shutdowns, power plant maintenance, utility power plant expansion, construction of permanent power plant, load shedding or peak shaving.

Solutions can be implemented in any of these circumstances:
  • Multi-megawatt interim power stations to put an end to load shedding
  • Large-scale temporary power for load lopping
  • Seasonal peak shaving achieved by hiring interim power stations
  • Large-scale temporary power as back-up power to avoid the effects of rolling blackouts
  • Interim power stations during construction
  • Contingency planning for backup power or planned utility maintenance of the power utilities
  • Plant turnarounds and power facility expansion
  • Supplying power to on-site offices and accommodation
  • Temporary power during power outages, brownouts and other emergency situations
  • Temporary power during controlled equipment shutdowns for replacement, repair or maintenance
  • Temporary power during building construction, renovations, and/or expansions
  • Keeping costs down to a minimum
  • Uninterruptible, high-quality power for sensitive electronic or computer systems
A diverse choice for the petrochemical industry when rental power solutions are required:
  • Temporary power for refineries
  • Bridge power for drilling contractors including land-based and off-shore
  • Rental power for gas and oil exploration companies
  • Interim power stations for oil and gas production
  • Temporary power for manufacturers of olefins, ethylene, propylene, butadiene, plastic products and synthetic rubber production
  • Rental power stations for aromatics petrochemical companies such as companies producing benzene, toluene, and xylenes for dyes, synthetic detergents, plastics and synthetic fibers
  • Temporary power for manufacturers of synthesis gas such as pesticides and fertilizer companies
  • Temporary generator plant for manufacturers of additives, advance polymers, sealants, specialty paints and coatings
Petrochemical companies can look forward to numerous benefits:
  • Flexible power generation that increases or decreases capacity based on what petrochemical operations want
  • Flexibility for a short term hire or long term hire that reacts to seasonal demand and power requirements
  • Rapid deployment and fast replication of power plant installations
  • Less capital is spent when power is required in the short term
  • Renting a temporary power plant protects a company’s cash flow and sidesteps superfluous capital costs
  • Eventually, a chronic power shortage, power failure, electricity rolling blackout and load-shedding can be avoided
  • Stable business growth is ensured by the rental power station
  • Quick temporary power solutions for accidents, mishaps or any emergency situations
Benefits of hiring Altaaqa Global Cat Rental Power
  • Altaaqa Global Cat Rental Power, with the strategic support of Caterpillar, provides a worldwide network with over 1,600 locations that can offer customers complete multi-megawatt temporary power solutions.
  • The power generation industry’s largest – and most modern – rental power fleet. Altaaqa Global together with Caterpillar’s network of Cat dealers combine to offer full-line, single-sourced solutions for all rental power needs. All dealers are backed by factory rental professionals around the world, providing an extra level of support provided by Altaaqa Global Cat Rental Power and the Cat dealers worldwide.
  • Reliable equipment, built exclusively for rental power industry. Temporary power modules are well engineered and packaged to withstand extreme climate – from the harshest heat conditions of the Middle East to the rugged cold mountains of North America and the wet tropical rains of Asia.
  • Experienced engineers and service technicians, supported by the best parts availability in the world. Altaaqa Global and Caterpillar’s parts network provides local sourcing for most parts and routinely ships emergency orders within 4 hours of receiving the order. No other rental operation can boast of the worldwide dealer network and parts distribution system that Altaaqa Global customers have come to rely on.
  • Turnkey service – around the clock, 7 days a week. Cat Rental Fleet and dealer Resource Centers provide expert consultation, additional rental inventories, and other resources to dealers and their customers worldwide. Altaaqa Global Cat Rental Power and Caterpillar’s network handles large-scale temporary power projects of almost unlimited size, from 20MW rental power plant to 250 MW distributed power generation or more.
  • Altaaqa Global’s power rental fleet is built by the world’s largest manufacturer of medium-speed generator engines, Caterpillar diesels are the cleanest in the industry.
  • Altaaqa Global’s natural gas and dual fuel is the cleanest solution in the power rental industry.
  • Altaaqa Global’s strategic partnerships with key suppliers of power ancillary equipment such as power transformers, distribution equipment, etc. ensure matched, high-quality total solutions for any temporary power requirement.

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